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Here at The Adam Mitchell Color Studio we believe that along with top of the line products, we receive continuous education from, some of the best stylists and educators in the world! David Glover, Martin Parsons and Nick Arrojo  to name a few. We know that every person who walks through our door wants to look and feel like a star and who better to teach us than the stylists to the stars!

VLUU L200 / Samsung L200

Martin Parsons 09

Nick Arrojo from What Not to Wear 09

Dee winner of Shear Genius

(Cassandra, Nick Arrojo, Joanne, Rochelle)

Kim Vo judge on Shear Genius

(Rochelle, Joanne, Martin Parsons, Cassandra)

(David Glover, working on one of our models)

Our team of Stylists, along with the models after our “Sessions Styling”
class with David Glover.

(David Glover)

Formal Looks By: Martin Parsons